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Welcome to imali·vest


Imalivest, a privately held investment group, was founded in 2004 by Anton Botha, Wilrich Schroeder and Johan van Reenen, for the sole purpose of proprietary investments.

Asset management became part of the business soon thereafter and, in 2006, the Imalivest MET Balanced Fund (previously the Imalivest MET Flexible Fund) was launched to accommodate external investors. In 2008, our offerings were expanded with the launch of the Imalivest MET Worldwide Flexible Fund.

Although resource development has always formed part of the proprietary investments of our principals, it was only in 2011 that a new company, Imalivest Mineral Resources, was founded. This company is dedicated to the identification of development opportunities within the mining sector.

Currently, Imalivest manages assets in excess of R800m, owned predominantly by its directors and their families. External clients form an important part of the Imalivest MET Balanced and Worldwide Flexible Funds.

The directors and staff of Imalivest develop and execute a broad range of investment strategies and transactions for our clients. We leverage our long standing relationships with companies, advisors, entrepreneurs and financial intermediaries to the benefit of our clients and investors. Given the broad mandates applicable to most of its funds, Imalivest is able to invest in profitable opportunities which might not be suitable for most institutional investors.